About Us

About CHEP

At CHEP we understand you’re under daily pressure to cut your costs and streamline your supply chain, to deliver ever greater service and value to your end-customers. That no matter how smoothly your supply chain is running, there’s a need to achieve even more with less, everyday.

Our team’s simple goal is to make it easier for you to get your products to market as smoothly and cost-efficiently as possible, and to work with you to unlock further efficiency and cost improvements over time. For our business to really help your business, we’ve assembled a team who love logistics, who willingly take responsibility for solving your problems and who care about the detail.

This is supported by our comprehensive network of over 80 service centres and agencies, and 750 staff right across Australia, and more than 30 years experience in load containment.  We’re more committed than ever to work with you to minimise your total materials handling costs.

But it's not only cost and efficiency that is important today, we here at CHEP place much emphasis onto how we can help our customers achieve much smaller environmental impacts within their industries.  To this end we have a number of environmental solutions available to help meet your companies "green" requirements, and are proud to deliver these as often as possible.

Our goal is not to just be another supplier, but by helping you to work smarter and leaner, we’re confident we’ll become a more valued business partner.