Black Hand Wrap

Black Hand Wrap Makes Colour Coding Easy

Black hand wrap is an ideal solution for providing privacy in shipments or colour coding warehouse contents.  In many cases it is important to know when an item arrived in a warehouse to prevent spoilage.  Colour coding the warehouse contents using black hand wrap is an ideal method to help avoid unnecessary spoilage.  Often contents that need shipping have a ship by date, after which the product is either inedible if it is food or less effective for some other chemical items like vitamins or over the counter medications.

Choosing twelve different colours and assigning each colour to a specific month makes colour coding easy if you have inventory that sits for long periods of time.  A company that provides long-term storage will often have merchandise that remains for several months before being moved.  In those instances colour coding pallet wrap is helpful in invoicing as most warehouses charge by the length of time the shipment sits.  It is a simple matter to colour code the incoming inventory to ensure that the right amount is listed on the invoice, avoiding over and under charges for customers.  Since most storage fees are monthly with an additional charge for weight or shipping, a monthly colour code is usually all that is required.  Black hand wrap is ideal for this purpose, especially when the items incoming have already been wrapped in clear hand wrap.  The cost will be quite low in those instances as the warehouse will only need to provide enough wrap for colour coding purposes rather than wrap the entire shipment.