Blown Hand Wrap

Blown Hand Wrap Minimises Damages in Shipment

The ability to ship large loads with minimal damage is dependent on products like blown hand wrap.  Blown hand wrap is a thin, flexible, puncture resistant film that is used to wrap pallets and shipments to prevent shifting and damage during the shipping process.  This film is available in both hand and machine varieties.  Blown hand wrap is usually sold on a small hand held roll that a worker will use to carefully and completely wrap a pallet or other shipping load.  It is ideal for use on loads with sharp edges or that are unbalanced.  The blown hand wrap keeps everything in place during shipping and prevents loads from spilling all over the inside of trucks or rail cars.

This product is so easy to use that even amateurs should consider its use for tasks like moving from house to house or shipping large packages. Wrapping a load prior to inserting it into a box is a great way to ensure that everything in the box remains stable throughout shipping and no item causes damages to any other item.  When shipping a mixed box of items that includes things with sharp edges or a point, ensuring that items maintain their spatial relationships is very important to prevent damage.  Blown hand wrap is so versatile that it can and should be used in virtually every kind of shipping.  It is also great for use in storage, both at home and commercially.  It offers organisational opportunities that would be very difficult without the ability to keep loads together.