Blown Machine Wrap

Blown Machine Wrap is a Cost Effective Shipping Solution

Clear plastic wrap that is thin enough and flexible enough to be used to wrap shipments has revolutionised the shipping industry and reduced the amount of expected breakage in shipping considerably.  Blown machine wrap offers a quick and easy method of protecting large shipments and keeping loads together during the shipping process.  Cross country and international shipping has expanded tremendously in the last several decades and blown machine wrap has been an instrumental part in keeping shipping costs reasonable.  Without an easy and quick method of organising shipments and reducing damage, the costs of international shipping and insurance would be dramatically higher.

Blown machine wrap can be incorporated into a line and the entire packing process can now be mechanised, making the process both fast and cost effective.  The savings companies reap by reducing the dependency on warehouse staff more than offsets the original outlay for mechanising the packing process.  The original expense can sometimes be measured in the hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the scope of the organisation, but it can also be very inexpensive.  The amount a business spends is directly related to the processing speed and number of machines necessary to fully service the warehouse in question.  Carefully consider the options and purchase wrapping machines according to your company’s needs.  A phase in process as you gradually incorporate mechanisation can also be cost effective and good for cash flow.  While the machines may eventually pay for themselves, not every company has the cash in hand to mechanise overnight.