Cast Hand Wrap

Cast Hand Wrap Protects Stock from Moisture

Cast hand wrap illustrates just one of the many uses of plastic.  In modern times the most used building material is plastic and chemicals derived from plastic.  Today there are even plastics made from vegetables.  Plastic is used in everything from cups to bullets.  Plastic material is so versatile that it can be used in practically any industry for almost any purpose.  Cast hand wrap is used in the shipping and storage industry predominantly, though it can also be used in construction as well.

When you store something outside it is open to the elements unless you take the extra time to package things properly.  Using cast hand wrap to encase an object is a cheap and effective method of providing minimal weather protection.  Cast hand wrap does not insulate against heat and cold, but it can help insulate against moisture and humidity.  Since wetness is what causes most of the damage to items that can be stored outside, a cast hand wrap shield is a great compromise to protect goods.  Sometimes a warehouse is full and a pallet must wait on the loading dock until the current day’s outgoing shipments have been processed.  During those wait times it is best if the pallet is completely enclosed with cast hand wrap to protect it from damage or shifting.  Shifting on a pallet can cause items to fall, which creates two dangers: a falling item may injure a worker or a falling item may become damaged.  To avoid these undesirable outcomes, fully encase a pallet in cast hand wrap.