Cast Machine Wrap

Cast Machine Wrap Keeps Your Load Safe and Sound

Machine wrapping pallets can be a great way to save both money and time in the shipping and storage industry.  Cast machine wrap quickly and efficiently wraps any pallet in a puncture resistant film that keeps load contents together and in one piece.  Without cast machine wrap, pallets can become unbalanced and fall over.  The beauty of cast machine wrap is that even once the pallet falls, the load will remain together.  Several layers of a thin plastic sheet are wrapped around the pallet load.  Each layer adds to the protective barrier and provides additional tensile strength to the load.

The cast machine wrap is so light that it doesn’t add any appreciable weight to the load which is a good thing for long distance shipments.  The heavier the load, the more fuel it takes to move it from one point to another.  Anything that companies can do to reduce the weight of the shipment will save them money.  When using cast machine wrap the added weight is practically non-existent, making this the pallet packing method of choice.  In addition to its light weight, cast machine wrap also reduces the number of damaged parcels at the end of the journey.  Stacking a balanced load on a pallet and then wrapping it up produces a load that won’t tip or spill and will open on the other end the same way it went into the truck.  More people are using moving companies that offer site-to-site load and drop.  Pallet wrapping is particularly important in those cases as individuals are often not as up to date on proper pallet loading processes.