A CHEPBox Keeps Your Food Contamination Free

Transporting bulk food items like cereal, grain and meats requires a special container called a CHEPBox.  These boxes are designed to transport food safely to destination with no contamination.  A CHEPBox usually has a bottom dispenser along with a quad fold top opening system that allows multiple food items to be shipped in the same box while remaining completely separate.  There are multiple regulations in place regarding the shipment of both dry food and liquid goods.  A CHEPBox is so highly rated it can also be used for chemical and pharmaceutical contents.

To avoid the possibility of fines and penalties for regulatory violations, simply use a CHEPBox for all your food transportation needs.  It can keep things cold or hot and the bottom is already set up to be moved by a fork lift or pallet jack.  A CHEPBox can either transport dry food or liquids and they are available in several different sizes for your convenience. 

If liquids need to be transported then the boxes are available in 1000L, 500L or 250L sizes. They allow you to transport things with a high liquid content such as meats, without investing in very expensive refrigerated trucks.  With a CHEPBox you can ship practically anything, anywhere.  Enjoy the versatility of having a box broken up into four quadrants that are completely separate so that everything can be shipped in a single container reducing shipping costs considerably.  The quadrants are broken up by a removable gate system that allows you to ship a single item, two different items or up to four disparate things, without cross contamination.