Food Bin Liners

Food Bin Liners Help Prevent Allergic Reactions

When transporting food, contamination is always a concern, which is why using food bin liners is always a good idea.  Because allergies are so common and can be so severe it is always a good idea to ship food in such a way that contamination issues are kept to a minimum.  Even if the container you are using to ship things has sealed compartments, unless each compartment is labelled and only ever used to ship that one item, cross contamination can be an issue.  Using food bin liners for each shipment dramatically reduces the chances of cross contamination.  This is particularly necessary in the transportation of nuts.  Because nut allergies are often accompanied by anaphylaxis, it is important to ensure that no contamination occurs to prevent an unsuspecting person from having an allergic reaction that affects their breathing.

Food bin liners are another level of defence when shipping food.  Even though the container may not ship nuts at the same time as any other food, even the dust can cause a reaction in some people.  Using disposable food bin liners cuts down on the potential for dust, and makes it easier to empty the bin on arrival at its destination.  The increased ease in cleaning and unpacking, make disposable food bin liners a great investment for any shipping company that routinely ships unpackaged food items.  Even packaged items can experience damage in shipping which could cause problems, so a liner is a great way to keep customers protected without sacrificing on shipping costs.