Hand Film

Hand Film Lets You Keep Track of an Entire Shipment

Packaging items for shipping has always been a compromise of safety and cost effectiveness.  Providing enough packing material to actually protect a fragile object can be expensive, and when you are packing hundreds of fragile items to go to the same location it is even more difficult.  Rolls of hand film make the process a bit easier.  Hand film, also called pallet wrap, is a thin plastic sheet that is very flexible.  It has an incredible amount of give, but when properly layered is also very strong.  Hand film is not designed to be laid flat to wrap things, but rather to be wound around an existing load.  The layering effect adds incredible strength to the wrapping.  Each individual layer is puncture resistant and moves with the item rather than tearing.

The flexible nature of the hand film allows it to expand to several times its normal size with gentle pressure.  When a sharp object presses against the film, like the corner of a box or other unwieldy object, the film slowly bows outward without tearing.  This feature keeps packages wrapped in hand film dry, even in the worst weather.  Using hand film to protect shipments is only good sense.  It also keeps shipments in one place so that individual boxes don’t get lost, reducing, though not eliminating, the need for shipping reconciliation.  Because fewer boxes go missing when they are packaged with hand film, the shipping errors generally found often involve mistakes in loading rather than loss during shipment.