Hand Wrap

Use Hand Wrap to Protect Shipments

Loading a pallet properly for shipping can be a delicate task.  It is important to load heavier items at the bottom with lighter boxes on top to prevent the entire pallet from tipping when it is loaded into a truck.  This also protects the lighter boxes from crushing, which can be an issue if there are several heavier items stacked on top of a lighter object.  Once everything is properly loaded onto the pallet, meeting all height and width requirements, it must be properly packaged to keep everything together on the pallet.  Hand wrap is the best tool to accomplish this.

Hand wrap, also referred to as pallet wrap, is a thin plastic film that is used to completely cover a shipment.  Several layers of hand wrap will provide the protection needed to get a shipment safely from one place to another.  Hand wrap should be applied tightly, with no gaps in the coverage.  If applied properly hand wrap will protect a shipment not just from loss, but also from damage.  The film is puncture resistant and water resistant.  Since the most common issues that result in damage to packages are spills and moisture, pallet wrap is uniquely suited to protect a shipment from both.  The plastic repels water and is not permeable, so a completely covered shipment will be entirely free of water even if it is transported through the rain.  The tensile strength of the wrap enables it to hold onto very heavy loads without any spillage or damage.