Hot Fill Bags

Hot Fill Bags are Best for Hot Food Items

A company that produces food items often finds that there are benefits to packaging the product while it is still hot.  For some foods this helps to seal the flavour in and keep the finished product tasting fresh and wonderful.  For other food packaging while hot doesn’t materially affect the flavour, but it is a big time saver.  Productivity is very important in manufacturing and measuring productivity can be done in a highly concrete fashion when the measurement is as simple as looking at final production numbers.  In order to keep production high, many factories automate as many parts of the assembly line as possible.  When packaging food the only way to keep things moving, at an acceptable pace, is to use hot fill bags wherever possible.

Not everything needs hot fill bags, since some items can only be packaged cold or frozen.  For those items there are bags that help to keep thing cool, insulated packaging.  Hot fill bags allow manufacturers to place hot items directly into their final packaging without a cool down process.  This means that they go from finished product to ready for shipping in moments.  Any part of a process where workers can be eliminated in favour of mechanisation represents a savings on wages and ultimately an increase in the bottom line.  Hot fill bags eliminate the need to have someone standing by for the packaging portion of the assembly line.  Now, the entire process can be accomplished with minimal supervision, resulting in maximum profit.