IBC Accessories

IBC Accessories Make Using Bulk Containers a Breeze

Intermediate bulk container (IBC) accessories make filling and emptying these extremely large shipping containers much easier than manually performing these tasks.  Because these containers can range in size from 700 to 2,000mm they can be difficult to use in manufacturing plants that aren’t automated.  Most IBCs have pallet bottoms to allow easy lifting by forklifts or pallet jacks.  Since the weight of a full IBC can range from 90 to 1200kg, it is not recommended that anyone try to move them by hand.  There are a broad range of IBC accessories available to help with both filling and emptying.  Many IBCs are equipped with valves at the bottom of the container for easy emptying.

For those that don’t come equipped with an emptying valve, there are IBC accessories that can add it to a container.  There are also items that will empty bulk bags easily and quickly to keep production as high as possible.  Other IBC accessories include insulating jackets that help keep the container either cool or hot, depending on the need.  The vast array of items that can be shipped via IBCs and their convenient storage makes them the most used international shipping method.  The cube shape fits more than similar spherical objects and makes stacking for shipping easier.  The manner in which most of these containers collapse allows shippers to save considerably on return shipping and the ability to track these containers is priceless.  Most international ports offer tracking services providing the container is labelled appropriately and registered.