IBC Liners

IBC Liners Let Containers Be Reused

Intermediate bulk containers (IBC) are designed to function with a liner bag of some kind.  Without the use of IBC liners containers could not be recycled for use with other food products once they had been used.  Allergens are always a concern and cross contamination is inevitable if the container is used with out some way of keeping the product from entering the IBC directly.  IBC liners are available in a variety of styles, shapes and thickness depending on the intended use.  These liners are also available in drum shape to accommodate those shipments that are still sent using inefficient drums.  IBC liners can be designer for quick flow or slow depending on the needs of the product to be shipped.

These liners should be installed into the IBC before any product is loaded.  This is especially important for any and all food products.  Because IBCs are not thoroughly cleaned between uses, the only way to guarantee a clean final product is by using a non-permeable plastic liner to protect the product.  IBC liners are usually clear to allow instant identification of the product contained within, but coloured liners are also available for chemicals that may be photosensitive.  Most IBC liners are made from plastic, but for chemicals that require it there are other options including rubber and nylon.  Bags can also accommodate liquid contents and some come with preinstalled valves for easy dispensing.  There are so many options out there for IBC liners that a manufacturer is guaranteed to find one that meets the needs of their specific product.