Lantech: Providing Innovative Shipping Solutions

Since pallet wrapping is essential to produce shipments that are safe for both operators and material, a machine wrap system is a fabulous investment.  Lantech manufactures some of the most innovative machine wrappers available.  If you routinely ship out pallet loads, then consider the cost savings that can be achieved by adding an automated pallet wrapping system.  Lantech machines are easy to operate and come in a variety of production options.  No job is too big or too small for one of Lantech’s innovative machine wrappers.

Forklift operators rarely have time to sit around and wait as a load is wrapped by hand, and with the Lantech automated systems they don’t have to.  These machines have been customised to perform flawlessly in almost any situation.  They can be used as part of the assembly line to reduce the need to double handle a load, thus streamlining the shipping process, or they can be free standing and accessible for manual load pickers.  Either way they save on the most precious resource most employers have, worker time.  The single largest expense for most industries is employee salaries.  Anything that can reduce the need for additional employees or increase the productivity of existing workers can dramatically improve the financial outlook of a company.  For those that don’t ship enough volume or simply can’t afford an automated pallet wrapper, there are companies that will provide the service for you at very reasonable rates.  Some companies charge on a per item basis, letting you wrap as many or as few pallets as you need.