Lantech Q300 XT

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The Q-300XT saves many customers hours of forklift and operator time every day. Forklift operators do not have to stop and wait for their loads to be wrapped and are not required to get out of the forklift while wrapping is underway. The operator starts the stretch wrapping cycle with a remote START lanyard switch, and they are done.  The film is automatically attached and cut leaving the operator free to do other things. 

Customers wrapping between 30-100 loads per day can find that the Q-300XT improves their overall productivity. If you don't have a steady production flow, but your pallets need to be wrapped during a few hours, the Q-300XT can wrap as many as 40 loads per hour.

Interested in using this machine but don't have the capital to buy it?  Check out our CHEPStretch offering, allowing you pay a single per wrap price for the machine, film, and maintenance costs.