Load Containment

Load Containment is a Serious Concern for Shippers

Keeping shipments together and upright is very important to reduce the risk of damaging a load.  Load containment is one of the most important facets of shipping large scale.  When a company ships out over fifteen loads a day they are producing a considerable amount of goods.  A load can be anywhere from 90kg to 1,200kg, which means that companies shipping out fifteen loads per day can be producing up to 18,000kg each day.  That is an incredible amount of output.  To sustain that output manufacturers must be very careful regarding load containment.   Anything that allows materials to be shipped the room to shift or fall can be disastrous.  A single load can represent hundreds of thousands of dollars for a company, depending on the items to be shipped.  With that kind of investment logistics and shipping departments are extremely cautious in how they approach load containment.

Forklift operators move large loads on a regular basis and ensure that all load containment safety regulations are followed is very high on their list of priorities.  An improperly loaded container can overbalance and cause major issues in a warehouse.  While forklift roll cages are incredibly strong they are not designed to withstand several tons of force falling directly on them.  This is unfortunate as they routinely lift several tonnes of material.  A pallet that has been overloaded can also break a forklift which costs a company in both repairs to the equipment and in lost productivity while the forklift is out of commission.