Machine Film

Machine Film is the Cost Effective Alternative to Hand Wrapping

Providing safe and effective shipping options is what machine film is all about.  Pallet wrapping film is a thin, usually clear, plastic wrap that has incredible tensile strength and can be used to secure practically any shipment.  Machine wrap is used with an automated wrapping system to quickly and efficiently secure pallet loads for shipping.  Several layers of the machine wrap are placed around the shipment to protect it from both moisture and loss.

When a large load of items it shipped out simultaneously it is easy for a specific item to get lost unless the items are secured together.  Freight companies ship out thousands of tonnes of freight every day and unless your load is securely fastened it is easy for a single item to get lost in the mix.  An automated machine wrap system can reduce the man hours needed to secure loads and save thousands of dollars each year on employee costs.

Machine wrap keeps your forklift drivers in the cage rather than wandering the warehouse floor preparing loads for shipment.  Given the cost on a per hour basis of forklift drivers, it is a good thing there is a cost effective alternative.  Without an automated system to wrap loads it can take up to four times as long to prep each load for shipping, and picking the load already takes enough time.  Efficiency is what keeps a warehouse moving and in the black.  The quick turn around on orders is what ensures a positive cash flow.