Machine Wrap

Purchasing a Machine Wrap System Can Be Expensive, Why Not Rent Instead

Choosing to switch to a machine wrap system can be a big decision for small providers.  Small warehouses often appreciate what machine wrap can offer for their business, but are unable to afford to make the switch.  Of course, given the potential savings, a more to the point question is, can they afford not to?  Machine wrap can save thousands of dollars in man power each year and often pays for itself within the first three years.  The difficulty for the small business is in finding enough cash for the initial outlay.  Many small companies operate on a very tight margin with limited cash flow and would have difficulty financing such a large purchase.

Thankfully there are companies out there that offer rental services on these machines or automated pallet wrapping services on a per load basis.  Either of these options can be a great deal for the small warehouse company.  Machine wrap can still save time and man hours, while the company absorbs the price in smaller doses that it can afford.  The fees are very reasonable and are more than offset by the cost savings in employee time.

The increased efficiency also makes a big impact on the overall health of the business.  Greater efficiency means greater capacity and the larger the capacity the more potential for earnings a company has.  Do the research and make a study on how many hours each day employees spend wrapping pallets.  Once the numbers are run, it is an easy decision to make.