Machine Wrapping

Machine Wrapping Saves Time and Money

Machine wrapping is the automation of pallet wrapping.  When an order comes into a warehouse several steps must be taken.  The items must be picked out of inventory, and then the inventory system must be updated to record their removal.  After that, the entire load must be gathered on pallets for shipment.  Simply sitting the load on a pallet is not enough.  The load must be carefully placed to ensure stability while the fork lift driver moves it for machine wrapping.  If you only automate one function in your warehouse, make it machine wrapping.

Hand wrapping pallets is a tedious and low skill job.  Unfortunately, wrapping is also necessary to protect shipments and keep them whole.  By hand, wrapping a single load can take up to fifteen minutes depending on the size.  That is a large amount of time for high paid warehouse workers to spend on a task that requires no special skills.  Instead of spending approximately five dollars in employee time on top of the cost of the hand wrapping film, consider automated machine wrapping.  The cost on a per item basis to wrap a load via machine wrapping can be measured in the cents rather than dollars.  Over the cost of a year, depending on the number of loads a company ships, this can represent a huge loss if all pallet wrapping is done manually.  With automated systems a forklift driver can drop the load on the platform and line up the next load while it wraps.  By the time he gets back the first load will be ready to ship.