Pallet Bags

Pallet Bags Prevent Loss and Damage to Shipments

Pallet bags are used to protect shipments and are available in a variety of types to suit any product needs.  Pallet bags can offer simple load containment or heat and cool insulation depending on the material from which it is made.  Pallet bags completely cover a load and prepare it for shipment.  They are an alternative to wrapping pallets, but they do require more specific dimensions for pallet loading.

With pallet wrapping a pallet can be loaded as tall as the shipping method will allow. When using pallet bags the warehouse will have to conform to the dimensions of the bag.  These bags offer the ability to inexpensively ship items that are sensitive to heat and cold and provide additional protection against loss or damage.  A shrink wrapped pallet bag shows instantly if there has been any tampering with the shipment.  Pallet wrapping is something anyone can do, so if the only sealing method is a film, anyone can open the shipment, remove an item, and then re-wrap it so that no apparent changes have been made.  With a shrink wrapped pallet that is not possible without access to heavy equipment.

Insulated pallet bags help items that are sensitive to temperature changes resist damage by keeping them cool in hot weather and warm in cool weather.  Climate controlled trucks are very expensive to own and operate so any shipping that can be done without  that method is a cost savings for the warehouse.  Pallet bags offer a variety of solutions to meet any shipping need.