Pallet Caps

Pallet Caps Help Keep Workers Safe

Pallet caps are usually the last part of packing a load prior to wrapping.  In many countries they are required for shipping large loads to reduce the chance of items shifting during shipping.  Safety concerns are the primary reasons behind most shipping regulations.  Proper warehouse safety can reduce the chance of an accident that can cost companies money in both lost productivity and possible lawsuits.  Some basic safety precautions that all companies should follow for load containment include loading heavy items on the bottom of the pallet, creating a balanced load, carefully wrapping the pallet, and using pallet caps to fully secure the load.

If heavy items are placed at the top of the loaded pallet it will be more susceptible to tipping, which then risks the lives the worker responsible for shipping out the pallet.  A balance load is also less likely to tip when the fork lift lifts it onto the pallet wrapping machine.  If the load is unbalance some, or all of the load may fall off the pallet requiring workers to reload it and restart the process.  This is a waste of time and also creates additional risk of injury for workers.  Wrapping the pallet ensures that the load stays together and greatly reduces the chances of a spill.  Anything that keeps the load together is helpful since it will allow workers to load and unload in confidence that they will be safe throughout the process.  Finally, pallet caps should be secured to the top of the load so that the stress of shipping can’t dislodge anything.