Pallet Shrink

Pallet Shrink Wrapping Protects Shipments from Theft

Using pallet shrink wrap reduces the risk of theft or damage to a load.  Unlike wrapping a pallet in film, pallet shrink wrapping is almost impossible to do without heavy machinery.  Most individuals don’t have access to the required equipment, so a pallet shrink wrap provides all the same safety that pallet wrapping does, with the addition of protection against theft.

Pallet shrink wrap is also a better way to protect against damage from the weather.  While pallet wrapping offers some protection against moisture and rain, the seams are always a weakness.  The multiple layers required when wrapping a pallet offset some of that weakness, but water can find a way in if there is an opening.  Pallet wrapping is better than nothing, but pallet shrink wrap is a better choice.  The cost difference is negligible, and shrink wrapping a pallet provides a seamless surface that water has no purchase on.

Pallet shrink wrap makes damage to the shipment obvious so anyone attempting to remove a box or single item will not be able to without demonstrating that the integrity of the packaging has been damaged.  This added security makes pallet shrink wrap a great addition to any warehouse shipping process.  It takes no more time than wrapping and gives a better value.  The shrink wrap bags are available in a variety of sizes, so there are several options when a company has a variety of load sizes.  Shrink wrapping is becoming more and more common in the shipping and logistics industry.