Semi Automatic

Stretch Wrap Machines

CHEP provides two distinct options for your company to consider when thinking about stretch wrap machinery.  Turntable stretch wrap systems use a film roll carriage on a fixed mast to apply stretch film as it move up and down and the load rotates.  This type of system is ideal for most stable palletized loads.  The Lantech Q-Series™ semi automatics are designed for both pallet jack (when supplied with appropriate ramp) and forklift use.

Straddle stretch wrap systems use a rotating film roll carriage to apply stretch film as it moves around the pallet.  Lantech straddle wrappers are free standing and in most cases will require safety fencing and light curtains to ensure optimum safety for users.  The Lantech S-Series™ semi automatics are used in some of the highest volume pallet warehouses in Australia.