Shrink Wrap

Shrink Wrap can Easily be Added to an Automated Warehouse

Shrink wrap is used to completely cover a product.  It can be used on an individual product level, like the shrink wrap films used to encase CDs and DVDs, or it can be used at the industrial level to shrink wrap entire pallets.  Shrink wrap is made from a polymer plastic film that contracts when exposed to heat.  There are several methods of applying heat depending on the style of shrink wrapping you need.

Hand held heat guns are most efficient for small tasks, like sealing an individual package.  Small retail stores may find value in investing in some shrink wrap films and a hand held heat gun.  They can then package items that they create in a professional manner that deters theft.  Shrink wrapping can also be used to produce beautiful gift baskets and other boutique specialties.

Industrial shrink wrap is usually done using a heat tunnel, which can be added to an assembly line.  Most warehouse and production operations can be mechanised and automated to minimise the necessity of having human workers.  The cost savings for companies is tremendous, though the original outlay can be highly intimidating.

Once a company has discovered the efficiency and cost saving that automation provides they will never go back to doing things the old fashioned manual way.  While some tasks still require workers to perform them, since the appropriate automation technology either hasn’t been developed or is still too expensive, the need for human workers can be reduced dramatically.  Since employee costs usually make up the bulk of production expenses, anything that can reduce those costs is good for the bottom line.