Stretch Wrapping Machines

Stretch Wrapping Machines are Available in a Variety of Styles

Semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines are available in several different styles: turntable wrappers, orbital wrappers and rotary arm wrappers.  The different styles all offer the same finished product, but have different methods for achieving a final wrapped pallet load.  The method of wrapping is determined in some part by the shape and space requirements of the machine.

Turntable wrappers are the most commonly used and they consist of a turntable platform that spins as the load as the film wraps around it.  The needed tension to provide the stretch is achieved by having the turntable spin at a faster rate than the film feeds through the machine.  Orbital stretch wrapping machines have the film loaded on a vertical ring.  The load to be wrapped feeds horizontally through the eye of the rotating ring, completely encircling the load.  Rotary are stretch wrapping machines have an arm that moves around a stationary load.  This particular type of stretch wrapping machine is only suitable for small loads or loads unlikely to topple.  The rotation speed on the rotary arm machines can be much higher than with the other methods.

The type and number of loads that your company ships out each day will help determine which type of machine will best suit your needs.  Fully automatic stretch wrapping machines are also available, though they often work in the same manner as one of the semi-automatic styles.  The main difference is that with an automatic machine there is a conveyor belt which moves the load automatically through the wrapping machine.