Wine Liners

Wine Liners Keep the Integrity of the Flavour During Shipping

Transporting wine in bulk can be very tricky.  It requires special shipping containers that are designed to be liquid tight in the event of spills.  Wine liners are used to allow containers to be reused.  Shipping containers are very expensive and replacing them after each wine shipment would be a huge expense.  Wine, even the same vintage but in a different year, can’t be placed in a container that has previously held another liquid for fear of contamination.  Wine liners are used to keep the wine totally protected during shipment. They are vacuum sealed so that not even air interacts with the wine.  This is the only cost effective way to ship wine in bulk.

Wine is delicate and small changes in the chemical make-up result in large changes in flavour and aroma.  Because of the delicacy, most vintners package their own product and ship it out already bottled.  Only large quantity manufacturers use shipping containers to ship wine in bulk.  Boxed wines for example, may be shipped in this fashion.  Table wines and cooking wines also might be shipped in bulk.  Expensive wine is never shipped in this way for two reasons.  The first, they don’t produce enough quantity to require bulk shipping and the second is simply that good wine won’t stand up to the rigors of shipping in this way.  It is also often aged for a time before being sold.  Wine liners are still necessary to protect mass produced wine.  Even inexpensive wine can have a lovely bouquet.