Wrapping Equipment

Wrapping Equipment Makes Pallet Packing Easy

Loading trucks for shipment can be very dangerous, and several products exist to help minimise the dangers to both the products and the employees responsible for loading.  Wrapping equipment is one of the number one items that reduce dangers to employees by keeping loads contained and preventing spills.  Loads can weigh upwards of 1,000kg, making it highly dangerous to be underneath one as it falls.  To prevent any spilling the logistics industry has developed several methods for securing load contents.

Wrapping equipment is used to efficiently secure cargo into a cohesive load.  Wrapping equipment applies stretch film to a shipment, and keeps all items that make up a shipment together to prevent loss or damage to the shipment and potential injury to workers.  Wrapping pallets keeps items together so that completed loads are more resistant to tampering and employee graft.  When theft occurs, it is usually on a small scale and using wrapping equipment to consolidate loads make it more difficult for a load to be missing a single box.

Wrapping equipment also offers some protection against moisture.  The multiple layers of plastic keep moisture out of the shipment.  Many products can sit on warehouse shelves for months before finally shipping out, so moisture resistance is particularly important.  Most warehouses are not climate controlled so surrounding humidity will cause boxes to degrade unless they are protected by stretch wrap or shrink wrap.  Wrapping equipment makes the task of packaging loads quick and easy versus accomplishing the same task manually in over twice the time.