Wrapping Machinery

Wrapping Machinery Saves Money and Increases Profits

Wrapping machinery is available in several styles and multiple price points.  For large companies that are already familiar with the variety of wrapping machinery on the market, continue to study output numbers and make decisions on replacement and upgrades to existing machinery based on the results.  For companies that have never used automated wrapping machinery, it is always a good idea to do comparison studies on cost savings to determine the viability of switching to an automated system.

Any company that ships out more than fifteen loads per day should seriously consider adding automated wrapping machinery.  The time that will be saved will more than pay for the machinery within the first two years, and the maintenance costs are minimal.  The cost on the film is comparable to hand film, so the ultimate material cost will be the same. The savings come because employees will not need to spend so much time on such a low level task.  Wrapping a pallet is a very simple task, but it can be time consuming.  Don’t tie up employees on pallet wrapping, when they could be better employed picking the next load and prepping it while the first load finishes being wrapped.   This will decrease load preparation time and make getting finished loads out faster and easier.  In a warehouse throughput is the name of the game, and wrapping machinery can considerably increase that number, which then increases annual profits.  Not only does wrapping machinery save on employment costs, but it also increases productivity.